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Top Home Staging Mistakes

Top Home Staging Mistakes

To sell your home quickly and for the best possible price, you want to make sure you present the property effectively. You want to put your best foot forward, which usually requires making some adjustments to the look and feel of your home. You can hire a professional to stage your home or you can do the work yourself – just make sure you avoid the most obvious home staging mistakes. I asked to a top Realtor in Hopkinton MA to provide some of his best home sale preparation advice. Here is what Bill had to offer.

Common Home Staging Mistakes

Avoid blocking the light – Natural light is your friend when it comes to selling your home. It makes the area feel bigger and more welcoming, things that can work in your favor. Take down any heavy curtains and move any furniture that blocks light from getting into the room. And if the light exposes something you want hidden, it is probably a sign to do a little cleanup before you show.


Failing to clean up the clutter – Clutter has a way of sneaking up on you. It can be so sneaky that you may not even notice it. This is why it’s important to bring in an outsider to walk through the house with you to identify problem areas. Whether it is your realtor or a friend, ask for some input on where your home seems overly cluttered and address those areas before showing the home.


Staying during showings – It is hard enough to detach yourself from your home and see it as a product rather than a keepsake – something that is necessary if you want a good sale. If you stick around during the showing of your home it makes this detachment even more difficult. People may say things about your home that you don’t want to hear. These comments are something your Realtor can take in stride and even turn to your advantage, but only if he or she is given free reign to show the house. Buyers also do not want someone looking over their shoulder during a showing. They want to be able to speak freely unfettered by a curious homeowner trying to gauge their interest.

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Keeping pets at the house during showings – Not every person likes pets. There are potential buyers out there that may be terrified of dogs or highly allergic to cats, people who will walk the other way the moment they see your pet is still in the house – even in the backyard. Ideally you want to remove all signs of pets to make the home appealing to the widest variety of buyers. Keep them at a friend or family member’s while showing the house.


Trying to sell on your own – You can do all sorts of things yourself. You can work on your own car, do your own taxes and even sell your own home. All of these tasks are doable – especially if the circumstances are simple and straightforward. However, you almost always get better results if you turn things over to the professionals. This is especially true when selling a home. You are likely to sell faster and for a better price if you bring in a professional. A great real estate agent knows how to get your home out to the masses quickly. Selling a home today is all about having fantastic online exposure.


Overdoing it – Try to avoid going overboard when staging. You want to appeal to buyers, not make them feel claustrophobic. Take a look at some examples online or in magazines. You may even consider bringing in a professional stager for a consultation. The right paint, rearranging the furniture and adding a few accessories may be all you’ll need to sell your home. Give the buyer room to imagine living there and let the home do the rest.  

Avoid these home staging mistakes and you will be well on your way to presenting your home in it’s best possible light. Now you just need to make sure you hire the best real estate agent who will price your home properly, market it well and see the transaction through to the closing! Don’t under estimate how important it is to have a great Realtor representing your best interests. Interview a few agents before settling on one as your home is a large investment and you deserve to have the best representation possible.

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Where The Woodlands Meet the Sea

Where The Woodlands Meet the Sea

There’s an interesting feeling about being in a landlocked state. For a minute it makes you feel very secure. No tidal waves or godzilla monsters will reach your front door. But after a few minutes of pondering all the things from which you are insulated, you start to realize that your comforting insulation is actually isolation. Sure you won’t be swallowed up by a creature from the deep but is that worth never going to a proper beach? You might avoid shark attacks but you are also susceptible to crazy temperature fluctuation. Hell, if you are afraid of hurricanes you may try to avoid Florida but do you really think people in Bears Club homes in palm beach think about the weather? If they do they are pleasantly surprised that it is warm…all the time. And when it gets too hot they step inside a $5 million dollar estate that has air conditioning units in every room.

This isn’t all to say that inland states are worse, they are simply better places to raise a family, retire, or take up internet gambling as a profession. However, despite all of the landlocked states that do make getting out of bed difficult, New Mexico does not have this same problem. One of the few rare communities that features culture, art, entertainment, food, and a friendly feel. In fact, selling Rio Rancho real estate keeps getting easier as more and more families are settling in Rio Rancho where jobs keep appearing, and the golf courses never seem to overfill. More than that, it is just next door to the lone star state where The Woodlands home sales are picking up at a similar pace. Texas does have a coast but The Woodlands is plenty far away. People want to live in an area that is both beautiful and relaxing and both Texas and New Mexico happen to satisfy both wants without the risk of a sea monster stepping on your freshly mowed lawn.

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