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LED Strip Lights A Few Easy Tips

LED Strip Lights A Few Easy Tips

How do you connect different strip LED lights together?

Most strip LED lights come equipped with uniform plugs so they can be easily connected to fit whatever dimensions you need. One of the most common methods of a fixing strip LED lights to any surface is to use self sticking Velcro. be careful not to remove the self sticking adhesive from the backing of the velcro. since the LED lights are supplying power from a wall plug and small transformer you may want to acquire enough velcro to attach those to an inconspicuous place as well.

What About Remote Controls?

Some LED strip light kits come equipped with a remote control. These are relatively cheap and often come with your purchase. you will need one remote control for each power source and transformer.

Are LED Strip Lights Waterproof?

LED strip lights come in a variety of waterproof or water-resistant options. You can also buy LED strip lights that don’t require waterproofing for indoor use. Waterproofing ratings range from splash and rainproof all the way to immersion greater than 1 meter.

How Many LEDs Are In A Standard Strip?

Just as there are different ratings for waterproofing oh, there are different number of LEDs per meter rated anywhere from Thirty LEDs all the way to 144 LEDs per meter.

How Many Colors Are Available In LED Strip Lights?

RGB LED strip lights come with three basic colors, red, green and blue, each of which can be adjusted to 256 levels of brightness. This gives you 256 to the 3rd power variations in color. color accuracy is better in 12 volt systems rather than 5 volt systems.

How Do You Cut And Connect LED Strip Lights?

The simple answer is always cut on the cover and a connections between each strip.
This question is fully answered here in this video:

You can create the most stunning and impressive interior decor with multiple flexible cable strip LED lights. These can create an astounding visual ambiance when used correctly.

How Bright Are LED Strip Lights?

LED lights are available in a variety of output ratings from how to high and in between. Choose from virtually every option at

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